The benefits of a successful blog cannot be stressed enough. No matter how small your business, an engaging online presence can be larger than life, with content capable of reaching a wide range of customers. 
Creating content on a regular basis that is put together specifically with your customers in mind will assure people of your credibility, and is a sign of quality service. If you are posting interesting and engaging content, then every post will draw people back, ultimately converting readers into customers. 
Stuck on how to start? Here are 6 simple blog post themes to spark some ideas: 

1. Share your story 

How a moment of inspiration and lots of hard work grew into a business is a topic that will interest and inspire your customers. 
You can share this story in a blog post, and this insight will bring a personal touch to your website that can help you distinguish yourself from your competitors. 
A great example of this is the introductory blog post written by the owner and manager of Le Moulin de la Quentiniere. In this post, itseeze customer Dorn outlines what it was that inspired her and her family to move to France and set up their new business offering luxury holiday accommodation in the beautiful French countryside. 

2. Introduce your team 

A brief profile for your members of staff makes your business appear approachable and familiar. 
These profiles can include an image, the details of the role, and even a quote from them on their favourite product or on why they have joined your company. 

3. Answer frequently asked questions 

A blog post can address questions that you are asked on a regular basis and compile all the answers in one place. This shows that you are open to enquiries and responsive to the concerns of your customers. In the future, you can direct people to this post for all the information they need. 
This is also an opportunity to create an advice piece which responds to a question in more detail. If you can create a post with useful tips and tricks then this presents your business as a competent, well-informed and trustworthy part of the industry, and customers will then be interested in learning more about what your company has to offer. 
The team at Celebrate Personal Training certainly understand this, and have been using the blog on their itseeze website to answer questions that their clients often ask of them. Here’s a post that does just that, breaking down when exactly customers should think about kickstarting a new fitness regime. 

4. Showcase a product or service 

A blog can act as an extension of your website, so you can go into more detail about products or services. 
If you are releasing a new product or feel a service you provide deserves special recognition, you can create a blog post that showcases this. The details can cover availability and potentially reviews from satisfied customers as well. 
This doesn’t just apply to online shops and businesses offering physical products – in fact, sometimes an experience that you provide makes for an even more engaging read. That’s definitely the case for itseeze client Tailored Journeys, who offer bespoke holiday packages. In this blog post, they go into detail about what makes South Africa such a great honeymoon destination. 

5. Share customer success 

A post can centre around a customer’s review that celebrates a product or track the success of a client. This provides evidence of the reliability of your products or services, and these results are far more persuasive. 
Potential customers are likely to be more responsive to the voice of someone who was once in their position, so direct quotes detailing the experience someone has had with your company can be particularly effective in drawing in new customers. 

6. Highlight any job openings 

A blog also provides a space to advertise job opportunities, with the details of the kind of person you are looking for and how they will fit into your team. 
County Care Berkshire have done exactly that on their itseeze website. In this blog post they’ve reached out for new carers, with some interesting facts about the industry and an overview of their ideal candidates. 
We hope these ideas help you create an effective and up-to-date blog for your business! If you’re looking for a professionally designed website that includes an easy to use blogging platform, the itseeze Max package may be a perfect fit for your company. Get in touch with our friendly team today to learn more about what we can offer. 
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