Get ready to jump into the vibrant world of social marketing trends for 2024 and discover how they're shaping a transformative update to our Head Office space! Buckle up because we're not just renovating furniture – we're building an environment that fosters connection, creativity, and innovation, inspired by the trends influencing how we connect with the world outside our walls. 

Top 3 Social Trends for 2024 

Intimate, in-depth conversations are resonating more than ever. Podcasts offer a range of benefits, contributing to their popularity as a form of digital media consumption. Podcasts are accessible anytime, anywhere, making them a convenient way to consume content. 
They cover various topics and genres, catering to diverse interests. Whether you're into education, entertainment, news, storytelling, or niche subjects, there's likely a podcast that suits your preferences. Episodes can vary from a few minutes to several hours, allowing creators to adapt their content to different preferences and schedules. 
Many podcasts are free, making them an affordable source of entertainment and information. This accessibility allows independent creators to reach a global audience. Podcasts often feature experts, professionals, or enthusiasts in their respective fields, allowing listeners to gain insights, knowledge, and perspectives from industry leaders, researchers, and experienced individuals. 
Ideally, businesses should create both blogs and podcasts. However, the number of blogs that get produced contributes to a very saturated content area; this means that a podcast has far more opportunities to succeed and get noticed. 
There are 1 billion blogs. And there are 7.8 billion people in the world. That’s 1 blog for every 7.8 people. On the flip side, there are 4.2 million podcasts. That’s 1 podcast for every 1857 people. – Neil Patel 
When creating a podcast, promote it via email blasts, across social media and through your website for maximum exposure. 
TikTok on a mobile device

Short-form Content 

TikTok has changed the game for how we consume content. The short-form video format quickly influenced platforms to evolve, seeing the introduction of Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. 
As an audience, we generally prefer short, snappy content as our attention spans have decreased, leading to the new term: tiktokification. 
Short-form platforms are social butterflies. They foster connection and engagement like never before. From duets and challenges to lively comment sections, it's a two-way street where creators and viewers become a community. Plus, anyone can be a star! The barriers to entry are low, making video creation accessible to all. It's a democratisation of storytelling, where unique voices and diverse perspectives thrive. From funny skits to expert tutorials, there's a niche for everyone. 
Brands are jumping on the bandwagon, using short-form videos to build relationships, showcase products, and drive sales. It's authentic marketing at its finest, where humor, creativity, and transparency reign supreme. 
So, the next time you see a captivating short-form video, remember, it's not just a trend, it's a cultural shift. It's entertainment, education, and connection served bite-sized, and we're all devouring it. 
Leverage AI to create concise and engaging content for your audience. AI can help you structure your content to stand out. 


Social media marketers are using AI to increase productivity. AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini and Midjourney help marketers develop campaign concept ideas and social post ideas and help with copy generation and text-to-image generation. 
Throughout 2024, you may need to use AI to stay caught up. However, it's essential not to rely solely on AI to create content. Always fact-check any content produced by AI and correct any grammatical errors; this will be easy when you rewrite the content in your tone of voice. 
It's important to remember that AI isn't a replacement for human creativity. Our strength lies in combining AI's analytical power with human intuition and emotional intelligence. This collaborative approach allows us to create content that is not only informative but also engaging, authentic, and impactful. 
It's crucial to find the perfect balance between humans and AI to be successful in marketing in 2024. 
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New Studio at Head Office 

As we exit January and embark on the journey into 2024, it'seeze is excited to report an innovative evolution that will update our Head Office and elevate how we connect and communicate with our prospects, customers and broader audience. The spotlight of this exciting evolution is creating a studio nestled in the now-underutilised space on the bottom floor. Join us as we unveil the details of this creative initiative and explore the many possibilities it holds for the future of it'seeze. 
In late 2023, the marketing team at it'seeze ascended from the basement to the top floor of our Head Office. As a result, the space in the basement has been left largely unused except for the occasional meeting. Therefore, an opportunity arose to transform this area into a creative space filled with possibilities. 
The Head Office's structure currently sees the marketing and design teams using the top floor (Studio) as their workspace. Support and finance teams operate on the ground level (Shop floor). There are plenty of spaces for meetings, including the training room, so we have decided to create a unique space by turning the basement into a studio. 
As part of our content strategy for 2024, we are looking to introduce an it'seeze podcast. This platform will serve as a dynamic showcase of the work happening behind the scenes at Head Office. Moreover, it will become an invaluable resource for our audience, providing insights into web design, SEO strategies, and everything related to the ever-evolving world of it'seeze. The podcast is more than just a medium for sharing information; it's a conversation starter, a bridge connecting our team and audience. 
The new studio space is not limited to long-form content. The new setup empowers us to effortlessly create short-form content tailored for platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. This dynamic approach ensures that we cater to the diverse preferences of our audience without disturbing the working environment.  
By embracing these top social marketing trends and creating the new studio, we're not just chasing buzzwords; we're transforming the way we connect with our audience. We're fostering deeper relationships, sharing authentic stories, and providing valuable insights – all while having fun and exploring the ever-evolving digital landscape. 
Join us on this exciting journey! Follow us on social media to stay updated on the studio's progress, podcast launch, and other content we create. We're committed to bringing you fresh perspectives, valuable information, and a touch of inspiration in 2024 and beyond! 
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