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Some content never grows old. It’s read thousands, even millions, of times and is still relevant months and years later. More often than not, this content answers common problems or provides information on a subject that has been of interest to people for a long time. 
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Unlike trending or seasonal content, the other advantage of this form of content is that it doesn’t need regular updates. We are, of course, talking about evergreen content. 

What is evergreen content? 

So, when we talk about evergreen content, what do we really mean? It is the type of content that is useful, informative and remains relevant to viewers for a long time. It is connected to topics that are the latest trends or content written for the seasons but continues to attract readers for months, sometimes years. 

Why does evergreen content matter? 

Evergreen content is the Holy Grail for marketers, and there are several reasons why: 
Saves time and resources. Evergreen content means you are not constantly creating new and relevant content. Existing content that is still popular can be refreshed and updated when needed. 
Builds trust and authority. Content that is informative and relevant for a long time helps to build trust with your audience and promotes authority. The more evergreen content you can create, the more it builds your brand and company as an industry leader. 
SEO. This type of content ensures long-term value from an SEO point of view. It helps to build backlinks, improves website authority and boosts online rankings. 
Drives traffic. It will drive traffic to your website, particularly visitors from organic searches, boosting marketing value. 
High ROI. It will drive a greater ROI (return on investment) than trending or seasonal content will generate. This is due to its long-term value, which leads to ongoing traffic and potential sales. 
Increased backlinks. SEO likes quality backlinks, and with the long lifespan of evergreen content, it is more likely to gather a plethora of backlinks over a long time. 
Greater shareability. Content that remains relevant over months and even years will be shared more by people, increasing brand awareness and credibility. 
Evergreen content can be in various formats, including how-to tutorials and guides, listicles, expert interviews, infographics, case studies, and FAQs, all of which create a valuable resource library. 
Now you know the benefit of evergreen content, let’s explain how to create it. 
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Creating evergreen content. 

Creating evergreen content is easier than you would think. Here are 4 easy steps to follow. 
Choose your subject. To ensure your content remains relevant and timeless, choose a subject people will be interested in for months and years ahead. 
Do keyword research. This will help you find relevant ‘evergreen’ keywords that rank highly in common search terms. However, make sure you don’t overload the content with keywords and phrases. 
Decide on the format. The type of format you choose will impact the longevity of your content. For example, ‘how to’ guides and listicles will generate content that will hold valuable information for a long time. 
Write your content. Create your content, but make sure it’s readable, original, relevant and aligned with your brand’s tone of voice. Don’t forget to add something visual, such as an image or infographic. Always use language that is clear, concise and understandable. You can also add social share buttons to make it easier for readers to share the content. Internal links that direct a reader to different pages on your website keep it searchable and discoverable. 
Once you’ve written your content, it can be published. Over time, it is a good idea to review the content periodically. 
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Managing your evergreen content 

t times, you may find your evergreen content needs updating. Some of the reasons why this may need doing include: 
Rankings are falling, or website traffic starts to drop off. 
There is new information available related to the topic. 
There has been a fundamental change within your industry. 
You have made updates to your business. 
One rule with evergreen content is that you shouldn’t publish and forget it. To remain relevant and useful, it needs to be managed regularly. For example: 
Any statistics, facts, examples used and even links must be updated to ensure consistent accuracy. 
It’s a good idea to repurpose the content into different formats, not only refreshing the content but attracting a new audience. For example, turn a blog into an infographic or video into a podcast. 
Avoid your evergreen content getting lost in the archives. Use it to link to new content, reshare it every so often, particularly if it’s updated, and add it to newsletters. 
Refresh the content by writing a new perspective or angle to its core content, thereby improving the quality of the content, such as creating an expert guide. It could also be expanded into a series of evergreen content. 
For any marketer or small business owner, evergreen content should be at the heart of your content marketing strategy. It can be used in multiple ways and formats to boost engagement with your audience, build trust and credibility, improve industry thought leadership and support continual business growth. 
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