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Mike Green Photography 

Kevin Woods 

Who is Mike Green

Mike Green is a photographer specialising in portraits, products and work environment shots. His target market is B2B. 

General brief 

The customer wanted a contemporary, polished website that let his photography do the talking. 
The colour was based on the supplied logo. 
The inspiration site was Matthew Beedle which is a photography site for still life and advertising. 

Home Page Design & Layout  

The design is deliberately kept simple to emphasise the photographic examples. As you scroll through the site the visitor is met with subtle animations to emphasise services and calls to action. This not only makes it feel more engaging to the website visitor but also leads visitors to those important calls to action. 
The home page promotes Mike's work instantly with the use of fading images covering examples of the photographic services he offers. 
The fading images are allowed to animate quickly to keep you engaged, there isn’t a need to have slow animation as the text within the fader is static. There is also an animated ‘down arrow’ to prompt visitors to scroll to read and find out more. 
The home page uses background colour sections to promote various services offered and this has been carried on through the site. 

Why it stands out 

The brilliant photography supplied makes this site stand out. Although this is a photographer’s website it does illustrate that excellent imagery gives simply designed websites a high level of impact. 
There is the clever use of white space throughout the site. Most pages display simple sections of black text on white or blue backgrounds with the call to action in the appropriate places. This is generally followed by heavy image content to emphasise the photography. We would strongly promote the use of white space especially on websites promoting products or services visually. 
Background images are used sparingly to add to promote the photography when needed. There is also the use of elements of the logo in the background to emphasise the brand identity. 
The services are highlighted on various parts of the site, in particular, the ‘About Mike’ page displays the services in a creative way, using rollovers with overlayed transparent colours. 
The call-to-action buttons are used too heavily to encourage visitors towards the services page and then in turn to the contact page. Generally, two clicks to the contact page are what we would promote and try to implement during population. 
Simple and contemporary contact forms complement the website as does the choice of simple fonts. 
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