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Facebook is a popular social media platform for many businesses, with over 200 million small businesses globally using Meta’s tools to boost their online presence. Through Facebook, companies can reach millions of customers and communities, building brand awareness and selling their products or services. It has become an essential part of any inbound marketing strategy but as Meta (owners of Facebook) expands with more features, it can feel as if creating a Facebook business page is just too much hassle. 
To help you set up a business page easily on Facebook and start to benefit from boosting your social presence, here’s our comprehensive guide to get you started. 

Why have a Facebook business page? 

Having an online presence is crucial for any business today, but just a website is not enough, with so many people spending hours on social media channels. There are four main reasons why a social media presence is essential:- 
Connecting with your audience, 
Improving customer retention, 
Building brand awareness, 
Driving sales for increased revenue. 
A Facebook business page is your shop window on the social media platform and is a springboard for connecting and engaging with your customers, stakeholders, employees and the wider audience. You can post regular updates, share news and information, run polls and competitions, and talk to visitors. 
Facebook business page on iMac

Steps to creating a Facebook business page 

Now you know why it’s important to have a Facebook business page, let’s explain how you can create your page. However, remember you can’t create a business page without a personal Facebook account/profile, as you need a personal profile to become a Facebook admin on your business page. So, let’s get going. 

Step 1 – Create the page 

Log in to Facebook, and from the menu on the left-hand side, select Pages, then Create New Page. This will bring up the Page creator where you start to build your Facebook business page. 
In the left-hand box, add the Page name (your company name, product/service name or the name you want to use for the page). Then, enter your industry category – you can choose up to three different categories that fit your company or its products/services. Next, add a brief description – what you do, your products and/or services, etc. – but you have a maximum of 255 characters. 
As you add the information, you will see it come to life on the right-hand side of the Page creator. When you’re ready, click the Create Page button at the bottom. 
Facebook login screengrab

Step 2 – Add images 

You should still be in the Page creator and will see two buttons on the left asking you to add a cover photo – select an image that represents your page and company – and a profile photo, which is usually your company logo. It’s a good idea to use the same profile photo across all your social media platforms to generate a consistent online brand. 
Once you’re happy with the images – you can see them in situ on the right – click the Save button. 
Facebook Business Page Creator close-up

Step 3 – Add a username and CTA 

You will now have moved onto the Facebook business page dashboard. It’s from here that you will manage your page in the future. A lot is going on with this page, so it may look a bit daunting at first, but be patient, as it will make sense. 
So, the next step is to add a page username. This name will help people find your business page in search queries and allows them to quickly tag your page when they add a post about your company. The username you choose is also used to create your Facebook business page URL – such as https://fb.me/addaname. Using your company name or a specific product is recommended if the page is designed to promote this item. 
At this stage, you will need to add a CTA (Call To Action) button to the page. It’s this ‘action’ you want visitors to take when they land on your page to drive traffic to your website or dedicated landing page. Facebook gives you ten different options, including Contact Us, Shop Now and Learn More. 
Facebook's professional dashboard close-up

Step 4 – Add basic information about your business 

Facebook now wants you to add the basic information about your business, including location, opening hours, website address and contact details. To edit and add this information, click Edit Page Info in the top right-hand corner of the About section. 
You will see many fields to update, but what you do may not apply to all of them. So, focus on the essential fields, like Hours, Location (necessary for local SEO purposes), website, phone number and email. As you scroll down and under the heading of Impressum, you’ll be able to add extra details, like a mission statement. 
Facebook Business Page General Page settings

Step 5 – Get to know your Page settings 

At the bottom of the menu on the left-hand side, there is the Settings option, and you will see what appears to be an endless list of different things you can do with your Facebook business page. At this stage, you don’t need to make significant adjustments to all of them but get to know the range of Page settings. 
However, there is a selection of core settings that we would highly recommend. So, click on the following to update your page. 
Facebook settings page on mobile device
General>Others Tagging this Page. Check the box to allow others to share and post about your business page. 
General>Similar Page Suggestions. Check this box to allow Facebook to recommend your page to fans and new followers. 
Messaging>Show a Greeting. Click On so your page automatically sends a greeting in Messenger to new followers. 
Templates and Tabs. Use this option to rearrange your business page menu or the information for visitors if you need to. 
Notifications. Use this option to customise how and when you’d like to receive your business page alerts. Ensure you’ve set an alert frequency that fits your social media marketing schedule. 
Page roles. Use this option to set up the people needing access to your Facebook page, such as yourself or your social media manager. You can invite them to change your page, like responding to posts and queries or adding new images and stories. 
That’s it! Your Facebook business page is now set up and live. All you need to do now is schedule the time to keep the page consistently updated with relevant, informative content. Don’t forget to stay connected and engaged with your audience, too. 
Our network of it’seeze website consultants throughout the UK and Ireland are well-versed in using social media platforms and are adept at setting up Facebook business pages to support and drive traffic to your website. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes design and build fully optimised and effective websites. Get in touch with us today to start your it’seeze journey. 
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