Our environmental statement 
Our environmental statement 
We’re proud to be an environmentally responsible web design company 

Supporting your business sustainably 

At it’seeze, we’re committed to reducing the impact our company has on the environment. We care about sustainability, and are continually working to improve our environmental performance through the introduction and advancement of policies, procedures, and work practices that allow us to deliver a brilliant service with limited environmental impact. 

How we’re promoting sustainability at our national support hub: 

Renewable energy - We power our office with green energy – our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources, helping us to reduce the carbon footprint of our company. 
Efficient devices - We use computers with extremely low power requirements alongside ultra-efficient LED monitors. Our designers’ Mac devices are also made from 100% recycled aluminium. 
Responsible usage - We always aim to use electricity responsibly by switching off electrical items overnight and at weekends, and operating a ‘power down when not in use’ policy. 
Recycling policy - We actively work to reduce our waste by recycling and re-using wherever possible, and increasingly rely on electronic files in order to cut our paper usage down. 
Staff education - We’re dedicated to training our team members on new ways to reduce energy and generate less waste, as well as increasing awareness of environmental issues. 
Greener commutes - We encourage more sustainable modes of transport for our staff where possible – from walking and cycling to work to using public transport and car-sharing. 

How we’re delivering environmentally-friendly websites: 

Sustainable servers - Our websites are hosted on servers that use premium components with high energy efficiency ratings - rather than cheaper, less environmentally-friendly parts. 
Natural methods - The York data centre where our websites are hosted is cooled using fresh Yorkshire air for 90% of the year. This avoids the need for year-round air conditioning. 
Bespoke systems - Our servers are custom-built for our websites, which are optimised to minimise resource requirements. Each server can host over 5000 sites, with plenty of spare capacity. 
There’s always more to be done in reducing our environmental impact, but we continue to monitor and review our policies in order to bring about lasting and effective change. 
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