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All the tools you'll need to make selling online a success 
All the tools you'll need to make selling online a success 
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Our ‘Categories’ feature allows you to manage your inventory with minimal effort. 

Category list: 
Categories are displayed in a list and can be easily reordered through drag and drop, as can the list of products displayed within each category. 
Category details: 
When editing your category, you can change a variety of settings, including name, image, description, category level, SEO data, menu visibility, and more. 
Category management: 
Create, edit, and delete your shop categories or products at the click of a button. Products can also be duplicated within categories to save time. 
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Control your product listings with ease using our effective ‘Products’ panel features. 

Unlimited products: 
Whether you’ve got 5 products to sell online or 50,000, you can with it’seeze. You’re able to easily create as many product listings and categories as you need on your website, so you can build your business and sell online without any limitations. 
Product list: 
Manage your inventory by viewing a table of products which can be sorted by column (product name, price, code, etc.) or filtered by status (available, not available, out of stock). 
Product details: 
Effortlessly add new products and edit existing product details such as name, description, images, price, weight, categories, tax, and more. 
Add files that can be downloaded after a product is purchased, such as digital product downloads or additional information like documentation, warranties and much more. 
Related products: 
Encourage customers to buy more from you by highlighting related and recommended products that they may be interested in purchasing on each product page. 
Stock notifications: 
Set up stock level notifications to receive alerts when products are running low. Don't lose sales when an item goes out of stock before you notice. 
Product availability: 
Toggle availability for products to let customers know that more stock is on its way, or hide products completely if they are seasonal or out of stock. 
Price breaks: 
Apply price breaks to products when a greater quantity is purchased to boost sales by showing customers that the more they buy, the more they can save. A great way to generate more orders. 
Product images: 
Upload multiple product images, control both the size and position of these images within your shop, to create visually compelling displays that sell. 
Personalisation fields: 
Enable product personalisation to allow customers to enter gift messages or a recipient’s name on customisable items. 
Product filters: 
Make it even easier for customers to find the products they’re looking for with product filters. This feature enables customers to filter down searches by attributes such as brand, colour, size and price. 
Product search: 
Help customers find exactly what products they’re looking for using the built-in search. Allow customers to either perform a word-based or exact match search and choose what product details should be searched. 
Sort products: 
Sort products just the way you want them (by relevance , popularity, name, price, newest arrivals) and let your customers also change the order that products are displayed as they browse your shop. This will not only improve the user experience for your customers; but will also allow them to more easily find the products they are looking for. 
Sale prices: 
Add an eye-catching strike-through effect to make it easy for customers to identify which products are on sale, with the new reduced price appearing next to the crossed out previous price. 


Our easy to use ‘Variants’ feature makes managing products with multiple options (size, colour, etc.) simple. 

Variant groups: 
Sort your product variations into groups, e.g. size, and individual values, e.g. small, medium, and large. 
Variant group types: 
The list type lets the customer select from a list of variants. The text field type lets the customer type in their own value — for example, for personalisation or gift messages. 
Variant display: 
You can choose whether these values are displayed on the product page as a drop-down list, radio buttons, or colour swatches. 
Variant management: 
Product variants can then be managed as separate items, allowing for efficient stock control and pricing. 


Control your store content effortlessly. Our simple ‘Import/export’ feature lets you quickly update your shop categories and products with one simple upload. 

Store data: 
Any edits made to your category, product, or stock details in a spreadsheet application can be imported into your shop with ease. Similarly, this data can be exported from your shop. 
Store content: 
This feature also allows you to simply manage the uploading of images and files to your website. 



Providing an incredible customer experience, your storefront will be packed with innovative features designed to make shopping with you as simple and straightforward as possible. 

With a fully responsive layout your shop will look great and work perfectly on mobile, tablet and desktop, giving customers a great shopping experience on all devices. 
Full layout control: 
With full layout control, you can decide what products to show and hide, with ultimate control over all elements size and positioning. 
Site navigation: 
Buyers will be able to navigate your site with ease thanks to the comprehensive category and product displays. 
Calls to action: 
Practical ‘Add to basket’ and 'Quick buy' buttons that help to make the purchasing process intuitive. 
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Manage and monitor your products success. Plus simple SEO features that have been designed to optimise your shop performance, to facilitate the long-term growth of your digital presence. 

Search Engine Optimisation: 
Enhance your categories and products for search engines with our simple, built-in SEO fields to ensure that customers find your categories and products on the web. 
Monitoring the performance of your shop is straightforward with our streamlined ‘Dashboard’ feature. View your total sales, recent orders, sales history, and order history at a glance for an instant overview. 
Attain a more detailed review of your site’s performance with our built-in ‘Reports’ feature. Track your sales or orders within the time period of your choice, or view data right from the beginning of your store up to the present day to get a clearer idea of your progress over time. 
Google Analytics: 
To understand your website's real-time performance, you’ll be able to access Google Analytics & Google Search Console, to gain feedback on how customers are using your shop and optimise it to improve the whole shopping experience. 
Manage your customers effectively with the simple ‘Customers’ panel feature. View the list of your entire customer base - sort it by column (customer name, account type, etc.), filter it by account type (guest, pending, approved, rejected), or download it as a CSV file to open it in any spreadsheet application. Additionally jump to individual customer details from the list to display contact information, order history, account status, and more. 
Promote special offers to drive more sales through your shop and encourage repeat transactions with the ability to offer a range of discount options, such as coupon codes, free delivery, multi-buy promotions, flash sales, seasonal offers and more. Additionally, can apply time restrictions and order restrictions. 
Email marketing: 
Encourage future purchases by keeping customers up-to-date with latest news, offers and new products using our integration with MailChimp. 
Product reviews: 
Showing customer reviews is a brilliant way to build trust and loyalty in your shop and encourage more people to buy your products. Shoppers increasingly rely on reviews to inform their purchase decisions, and the more positive reviews and ratings your product has, the more likely people are to purchase it. So, allow customers to review the products they purchased. You can approve/reject reviews before they display on your website. 
Allow customers to keep track of items they may wish to purchase in future. They can also share their wishlist with friends or family. As the shop owner, you benefit from wishlists as they encourage future purchases, while reporting features let you see the most wished for items. 


Manage store purchases efficiently with the dedicated ‘Orders’ panel feature. 

Manage from anywhere: 
View and manage your orders from anywhere and on any device; desktop, tablet or mobile. 
Order list: 
Analyse orders quickly and easily in table form by sorting them by the factor of your choice (order date, order number, order value, etc.) or filtering them by status (received, processing, dispatched, cancelled, or returned). 
Order details: 
Access individual order details from the table to view customer information, display payment and delivery details, update an order, print an address label, and more. 
Update multiple orders: 
Save time by updating multiple orders at once – ideal if you receive a large number of orders. 


Ensure your online store runs smoothly with our complete range of configuration settings. 

Store details: 
Set up your business details, including your shop name, shop country, and legal details such as your registered company name and tax registration number. 
Manage which notifications are received by you or your customers, such as stock levels, customer accounts pending approval, and order updates. 
Customer accounts: 
Configure settings for customer accounts, such as whether visitors need to log in to access the store – ideal for wholesalers, whether customer DOBs are required – essential for selling age-restricted items, and whether new accounts require your approval before customers can log in. 
Create a seamless buying process by controlling your basket and checkout options, such as displaying tax, allowing customer comments, order confirmation templates, and more. 
You can set up multiple delivery options through your online shop, allowing you to offer rates based on location, weight, order value and more. You can also import delivery regions for certain couriers into your shop, making it even easier to organise shipping. Furthermore you can print delivery labels directly to streamline your order processing. 
Streamline your site admin by setting product defaults such as stock notification levels, image sizes, and product units, or by specifying the dimensions for your address labels. 



Provide your customers with a range of secure and reliable payment options. 

Simple checkout process: 
Easy user experience allowing your customers to purchase from your store quickly and securely. What’s more, we’ll never charge you a transaction fee on any of your sales*. 
* transaction fees may apply from payment gateway providers. 
Secure shopping experience: 
We believe in protecting our customers, and in helping you to protect your customers in turn. You’ll benefit from regular security updates, a free SSL certificate, reliable hosting, and a GDPR-compliant design. 
The major payment providers include; PayPal, Stripe, ePDQ, Global Payments, Opayo, Viva Wallet, WorldPay, Payl8r, Clover (including Authipay and Lloyds Bank Cardnet) & Cardstream (including Card Saver, CardPayGo, First Payment Merchant Services, Handepay, Pay Global, Paytroit, Retail Merchant Services, and Universal Transaction Processing). 
Using Stripe payment also ensures customers never leave the site. 
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Helping you get the most out of your website every step of the way. 

Support team: 
Our team is your team, and we’re here to lend a hand when you need it. We offer website advice and guidance whenever you need it and are continuously working behind the scenes to ensure that everything is running smoothly. 
Local expert: 
Your local expert will be your go-to for everything website-related. They’ll guide you through the web design stage, train you on how to use your new shop, and be available whenever you need them after that. 
Online resources: 
You can access website help whenever you want to with our handy online support centre. Here you’ll find editing tips, how-to videos, marketing resources, answers to our most commonly asked questions, and much more. 
We offer support, news, tips and website advice through our monthly newsletter. We have a talented team of people at our UK head office, experts in their field, working together to ensure your website is always performing at its best. 


Increase your sales with a powerful and highly secure online store. 

SSL certified: 
Our websites come with SSL certificates to encrypt communication and prevent criminals from spying on your activities. 
Secure online payments: 
The simple checkout process provides an easy user experience, allowing your customers to purchase from your store quickly and securely. 
Encrypted checkout: 
Every payment through your Shop website is securely encrypted to protect both you and your customers. 
99.98% Uptime: 
Our websites are hosted on secure servers ensuring your website remains safe, super-fast and accessible, even when traffic, orders and requests increase. 
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