Have you seen adverts for 'franchise opportunities' (like the one below) but didn't really understand what they were or how they might benefit you? Well, rest assured you're in the same boat as many, and in this blog I'll attempt to explain what franchising is and how it might be more appealing than you first thought, especially if you're in Gen Z, like me. 
What is a franchise? 
Essentially, franchising is based on a proven business model that can be replicated without any specialist knowledge. It's a brand which an audience are already familiar with and trust. 
How does franchising work? 
Franchising is a joint agreement between two parties (a franchisor and a franchisee).  
Let’s say you're a franchisee looking for a new industry to get into, you approach the franchisor who owns the business and pay them a fee, enabling you to market their products or services using their trademark and operating methods. So, in other words, they sell you the right to use their name, logo, in-house resources, processes and ideas. 
Franchising in the UK has enjoyed massive growth over the years since it was first implemented in the 19th century. Nowadays, it's estimated that franchising contributes as much as 17 billion pounds to the UK economy on an annual basis. Franchising in the UK employs more than 710,000 people, as there are such an extensive range of services and brands to choose from; van rentals, care franchises, Starbucks to McDonalds. 
What's the benefit of a franchise? 
Opening a new business and developing a brand is a huge commitment that can be especially daunting when you’re uncertain whether it will be successful. The benefit of joining as a franchisee means you can already gauge the business potential through existing franchisees, sometimes with a pre-established audience behind you, before you've even invested any money. Joining a business with a good reputation will allow you to be instantly recognised as soon as you start. You can enjoy all the benefits of running your own business, with the added security that comes from being part of an established and successful organisation. You’ll be able to start your own company while learning and making use of the Franchisors expertise that they have demonstrated over their years in business. 
It's important to note that when you invest money into a franchise, you're not buying the rights to own the particular franchise. Instead, it's a license you get granted by the franchise. It allows you to run your franchise for a specific period of time which is known as the franchise term. The length of the franchise term can vary between franchisees depending on what they decide to offer. It usually is around 5-10 years however as I said, they do differ. I think it's important to note that while franchising does carry lots of benefits, you need to ensure you've done your research and have a business plan before going ahead with the franchise purchase. 
If you want to investigate a web and digital franchise have a look at the it'seeze franchising site to see what local opportunities exist in your area. Or even, attend a local UK franchise exhibition where you can meet the faces behind the business you may want to get involved with. 
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Do you have to have experience in a specific industry? 
If you're looking to start fresh, it’s worth noting that franchising can allow you to work in an industry where you've had no previous experience as many franchisors will provide all the training, they believe you require. The training plays a massive part in what makes franchises more successful than independent start-up companies. So, whether you have or haven’t worked in a similar sector, go into franchising with a thirst for knowledge and you’ll be sure to learn and earn lots! 
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Who are Generation Z? 
Generation Z or “Zoomers” is the term used to define people born between the years 1996 and 2012. Lots of those people who were born at the start of this generation are now in their twenties and have had the start of their career affected by Covid. I am one of the many who fit into in this generation and I truly believe we can bring a fresh aspect to the businesses and franchises we are involved with. As we haven't known a world without the internet or mobile devices it makes it super easy to have information at our fingertips via search engines and social media. Gen Zer's are recognised as the most diverse generation yet, having a major drive for technology, are super motivated and are less likely to be set in their ways than previous generations. 
What can Generation Z bring to the workplace? 
Many from Gen Z admit they feel strongly about joining an environment that supports the staff and values their happiness both inside and outside of the workplace. Gen Zer’s feel strongly about the problems in today's world, like encouraging a strong stand for supporting women and putting effort in to lowering their carbon footprint. Gen Z are recognised as wanting to make the world a better place so they will be interested in and focus on joining franchises that share those same values. 
Gen Z’s are more aware than ever of how much time we spend at work during our lifetime which is why it's so important for us to find an industry we really enjoy and can therefore excel in. Gen Z’s are passionate about making a positive impact on others and we love to come up with fresh, exciting ideas. Our generation make for ideal franchisee candidates as we're energetic, passionate, entrepreneurial and tech-savvy. 
Why not join it'seeze Franchise? 
Here at it'seeze we're always on the hunt for new franchisees to join our team and promote local website design services in their area. Franchising has something to offer everybody, making it a reliable investment in the current market. Have a read of some of our franchisees success stories to find out more about working as a franchisee with it'seeze. 
Support from the franchise means everything and can completely transform your business. It'seeze are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring your web and digital franchise business gets off to the best possible start – and then keeps growing from there. You don’t need previous experience to join our franchise, as our comprehensive training courses will ensure you’re fully prepared to launch your business with confidence. 
Whether you’re an individual, a couple, or a partnership looking to set up a business with it'seeze, if you believe you’d be a great match for our franchise, we’d love to discuss this opportunity with you. 
it'seeze SEO Executive - Emily King
About the author 
After undertaking an apprenticeship for a digital marketing agency, Emily joined the it'seeze marketing team as our resident SEO Executive. 
Emily is one of our youngest team members and has a passion for social & digital marketing. Describing herself as hard-working and customer-focused, Emily brings a wealth of fresh ideas and a new perspective to the team. 


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