Our in-house development team have been busy updating and enhancing the itseeze website editor over the last few months, and we’re delighted to share some of the new features that have been added recently. 
These features are rolled out to all our clients at no extra cost, as regular editor updates are just one of the many benefits included in our monthly website payment plans. 
With a focus on developing our ecommerce solution – the itseeze Commerce package – many of the latest improvements have been carried out to help streamline the shop management process and enhance the experience for both customers and online sellers alike. 
Read on to see what’s new: 

 Storage space 

We recently announced an increase in storage space for all itseeze Max and Commerce websites, so you can now add even more content to your site. 
The file upload limit increased from 0.5GB to 1GB and the image upload limit changed from 0.5GB to 5000 images – that’s approximately 3000 more images per site! 

 Multimedia component 

The new multimedia component replaced the separate components for YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SchoolTube, and SoundCloud, making it quicker and easier to edit video and audio content on itseeze Max and Commerce websites. 
It also introduced support for three new services, allowing you to now add links to Spotify, SlideShare, and Screencast to your site. 
This new component also gives you much more control of the multimedia on your website both in terms of functionality and appearance, as you can now choose whether videos autoplay, if the video title is displayed, and what the colours of the video controls are. 

 Pay button 

Another key component recently received a makeover when the PayPal button component was replaced with the pay button component. 
This new component allows you to add either a PayPal or a WorldPay button to your website, giving you more choice when it comes to taking payments quickly and securely online. 

 Product search 

If you're an itseeze Commerce client, you can now alter the way the product search feature works on your online shop. 
This update allows you to choose either a word-based search or an exact match search depending on which one you think will be the most effective for your products. 
You can also specify which product details you want to be searchable by selecting any combination of code, name, summary, and description in the search fields. 

 Tax settings 

We have also added a new tax settings page to the shop management panel that lets you choose exactly how you want to display prices and tax on your Commerce website. 
The new settings give you greater control over how prices are presented on category and product pages, allowing you to show both gross and net prices together and to define exactly which tax has been included or excluded, e.g. VAT. 

 Email settings 

We’ve made it even easier for you to configure your email settings through your online shop as well. 
All your email settings can now be found on the dedicated emails page, which has replaced the ‘Notifications’ page and includes the confirmation email template that was originally found on the ‘Basket and checkout’ page. 
We’ve also added an additional option allowing you to send a blind carbon copy (BCC) of the order confirmation email to another email address – this is ideal if you are using a review service such as Trustpilot, as you can then use these emails to trigger the sending of review invitations. 
Looking for a brand new website that’s easy to edit and regularly updated with great new features at no extra cost? Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how our affordable web design services could benefit your business. 
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