A blog holds a whole host of opportunities. It is evidence of your expertise in your industry, allowing you to inform and support others and create a dialogue with your customers and show a more personal side to your business.  
A blog infuses your website with fresh content to keep you ranking high in search engines such as Google and Bing. When done right, blogging can be a very effective marketing technique. 
As with any new skill, it’s easy to make mistakes. To save you from learning the hard way, here are some of the most common errors made by new bloggers to watch out for: 

1. Making it all about you 

A common mistake made by first-time bloggers is to write about what interests them, rather than what interests their readers.  
Of course, many blogs are centered around personal interests, and it’s important to write on a topic that you are knowledgeable in and passionate about. But a blog is for its readers. Particularly if this is a business blog, the aim should be to be informative and helpful. A piece on a topic of no interest or relevance to your customers will dissuade people from re-visiting your website. 
Consider whether your writing is informative. Is it entertaining? Will it make people want to read more? 
Pick a few niche topics within your industry and keep an eye on your analytics to see which posts people are engaging with the most. 

2. Not being patient 

A blog is rarely an overnight success. A bit of trial and error is needed to determine your style of writing and to post enough to attract a substantial following. 
Every blog also has different audiences and different goals. If you have a small local business and are writing a blog on a relatively niche topic in your industry, then your blog will not need to be an international success in order to effectively promote your business. 
Each blog will progress at different rates. Some will flourish after 6 months, and others won’t be fully effective for a few years. What all successful writers do have in common is that they persevered. If you put in the time and effort, and you’re willing to adapt your strategy as you go along, you will see results. 

3. Not making a blog that’s user-friendly 

When people browse a new page, they will gather all they need to know by scanning the text and images. An accessible format will make the difference between someone continuing to read a post and clicking elsewhere. 
Long, poorly written, and grammatically incorrect sentences will push customers to click away. Your blog needs to be reader-friendly, so structure your posts in a simple, logical format with relevant, high quality images. 

4. Not posting enough 

If your posts are often out of the blue, it can be challenging to ensure consistent engagement from readers. Blogging as often as possible is key, and to help with this you can create a blog calendar to make it easier to schedule your posts.  
Sticking to a posting schedule will help you to build it into your routine, and allow your readers to anticipate your next post. 

5. Not sharing it 

You could have the best blog in the world but if no one knows about it, no one will read it.  
Instead, shout it from the rooftops by sharing links to your blog posts across all of your social media platforms, including your personal accounts, and by adding links to your blog throughout your website. 
If you’re looking for a professionally designed website with an easy to use blogging platform, our Max package may be just what you’re after. Get in touch with your local itseeze consultant to find out more. 
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