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As a leading UK web design company, it'seeze offers exceptional custom-built websites and lifetime website support. Our incredible support team frequently encounter specific questions from clients about managing their websites and related services. Below, we address some of these most commonly asked questions to provide a comprehensive guide for our users. 

How to Delete Images from the Image Folder 

Deleting images from the image folder is straight forward and just requires a few specific steps. Here's a quick guide on how to do it within the it'seeze editor: 
1. Access the Image Folder 
Insert a new image or click on an existing image to access the image control panel. Then, click the 'Choose image' icon in the top left of your browser window. 
it'seeze editor image control panel
2. Find the Image to Delete 
Scroll through your images to locate the specific image you want to delete. 
3. Click the Image's Title 
This step is crucial, as the delete button is not immediately visible. Click on the image's title. 
4. Delete the Image 
After clicking the image's title, the delete button will appear. Click Delete to remove the image from your folder. 
By following these steps, you can efficiently manage your image folder and organise your website's media. For more information about the image component, visit our support site. 

Finding Email Setup Support 

With continuous updates to Outlook, especially with the introduction of the 'new Outlook,' many clients face challenges setting up their emails. Knowing how to find email setup support is crucial for smooth operations. 
1. Visit the it'seeze Support Page 
Go to the it'seeze support website at IMAP and SMTP Settings. This can be found within the ‘Email support’ section from the support home page
2. Locate Email Setup Information 
On this page, you will find detailed instructions for setting up your email using IMAP and SMTP settings. These instructions cater to various email clients, including the new Outlook. 
Adding your email address to your chosen email application
3. Follow the Step-by-Step Instructions 
Following the step-by-step instructions provided to configure your email. Make sure to double-check each detail to avoid any errors. 
By accessing the it'seeze support site, you can find the necessary information to set up your email in a variety of email clients, ensuring you stay connected without interruptions. 
Clients also often enquire about moving their email services to Office 365. If it'seeze is their domain/DNS host, the support team at it'seeze can assist with this transition. We just need the verification records to do so. 
Reminder: Extra email storage is readily available.  An extra 1Gb costs an additional £1 per month plus VAT. 

How to Use the 'Page History' Button 

The 'page history' button is an invaluable feature for anyone managing content on their it'seeze website. It allows you to revert to previous versions of a page, which can be incredibly useful if you need to undo changes. 
Page History button within the it'seeze editor
1. Navigate to the Page History 
Open any page of your it'seeze website that you want to revert to access the editor control panel. 
2. Click on the 'Page History' Button 
You will find this button at the bottom of the page editor. 
Page history control panel in the it'seeze editor
3. Select a Previous Version 
A list of previous versions of the page will appear. Review these versions to find the one you want to revert to. 
4. Revert to the Selected Version 
Once you've identified the correct version, click on the View button to revert to that version of the page. 
For a more detailed guide, visit Page History within our support site. 
This feature provides peace of mind, as you can always reverse your changes if they don't work out as planned. 

Adding New Colours and Using the Colour Replace Tool 

Customising your website's colour scheme is a great way to keep it fresh and aligned with your branding. Itseeze provides tools to add new colours and replace existing ones easily. 
1. Access the Colour Palette 
To access the colour palette, go into edit mode, click the Panels button (cog icon at the bottom) on the toolbar, and click the Colours button (shown below). 
Colours button
2. Using the colour picker 
The Colours panel will then open in a new browser tab. It displays the current colour palette at the top and a colour picker below it. 
Colour palette within the it'seeze editor
3. Add New Colours 
To add a new colour to the palette, use the colour picker, as shown above, to choose the colour and click Add this colour
Note that the colour palette is loaded when you enter edit mode. After adding a colour, you will need to exit edit mode and then enter again to be able to use the new colour. 

Using the Colour Replace Tool 

1. Open the Colours Panel 
Within the colour palette editor, there's also an option to replace colours. 
Replace a colour panel
2. Replacing a colour 
Use the Old colour field to select the colour you wish to replace and then use the New colour field to select the colour you wish to replace the old colour with. Then click the Replace colour button. By confirming your selection any place on your website where the "Old colour" has been chosen will be updated to use the "New colour" throughout your website. 
For a detailed guide, visit Editing the Colour Palette
These colour tools will help keep your website looking modern and on-brand with minimal effort. 

Copying and pasting 

To copy an object within the it'seeze editor, right-click and then click on the copy icon (two overlapping squares) on the context menu, as shown below. 
Copy icons
Copied options are remembered by your web browser, so you can copy an option from one page and add it to another. 
When adding options, copied options are shown on the Clipboard tab, as shown below. 
it'seeze editor clipboard
For a detailed video walkthrough visit: Copying options
In conclusion, these frequently asked questions cover essential aspects of managing your it'seeze website and related services. Whether it's deleting images, setting up email, using the page history feature, customising your colour palette or copying and pasting, the support team at it'seeze is always ready to assist. 
It'seeze clients can effectively manage and optimise their online presence by following the provided guides and utilising the resources available on the it'seeze support website
Don’t yet have an it'seeze website of your own to make quick and easy changes to? We offer affordable web design services that are ideal for small to medium businesses, and editing your website couldn’t be easier. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more. 
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