We’ve been busy developing new website features and tools to keep the it’seeze website editor ahead of the curve. 
This is all part of the ongoing web design service we provide our clients with, offering innovative, hard-working websites that are constantly updated with the latest technology to ensure the businesses we work with have an online presence that keeps them one step ahead of the competition. 
Over the last few months, our team have worked on several new developments, with a focus on enhancing our existing website features and creating new tools to help our clients overcome the challenges of the coronavirus crisis. 
Here are a few of our handpicked favourites from 2020 so far: 

 Page history tool 

Something we were very excited to launch at the start of the year was our brand new page history tool, which allows our clients to turn back time on their website and restore previous versions of any page. 
This means that if you change your mind about an edit you've made or a page you've redesigned, it's really easy to go back! Better still, you can copy content from a previous version of a page to add back onto the latest version. 

 New page types 

We also made it easier for clients to customise their website navigation with the addition of two new page types. 
Now when you go to add a new page to your website, you have the option to add a regular page, a heading, or a link to your navigation menu. 
Opt for a heading, and you can add a title to your navigation bar that can be used to group pages in a sub-menu that drops down below the heading. 
Opt for a link, and you’re able to add a direct link to either a downloadable file – e.g. a PDF document – or an external website – e.g. TripAdvisor, Facebook, etc. – to your website’s navigation bar. 

 Improved statistics tool 

We’ve recently upgraded the website editor’s built-in statistics tool to improve the accuracy of the data it records. 
This means you are able to get an even clearer picture of how your website is performing, as the website traffic shown in the statistics tool is now more accurately filtered to give you a realistic view of how many users are visiting your site each month. 

 Pop-up notices 

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown, it was important that we gave our clients more ways of keeping their customers informed about any changes to their business. 
One way we did this was by adding a new feature in the form of pop-up notices. 
Placing a pop-up notice on your website is a great way of alerting visitors of any urgent business updates – for example, if your business is currently closed or not able to accept new orders due to high demand. 

 Shop status settings 

We also equipped our Shop package clients with the means to temporarily close their online stores as a direct result of the coronavirus crisis. 
The new ‘Shop status’ settings are ideal if you are currently unable to fulfil orders due to reduced staff numbers, stock shortages, or a sudden increase in demand for your products. 
You can either choose to mark your store as ‘Open for browsing and buying’ (the default setting) and allow purchases as normal, ‘Open for browsing only’ and allow visitors to view your products but not buy them, or ‘Closed’ and hide your online shop completely. 
If your business is in need of an effective online presence that will provide you with the tools to succeed in an increasingly digital world, our team are here to help. We can offer professional web design services and ongoing support whenever you need advice to help your website go further, and every site we create will receive new features like these at no extra cost. 
Get in touch with your local it’seeze consultant today to find out more about how we can help your business go from strength to strength with a website that really works hard. 
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