2017 has finally landed, and as there’s no better occasion than the new year for a fresh start, now is the ideal time to set some goals for the months ahead. 
Keeping your resolutions needn’t be a challenge however – if you are a small or medium sized business owner, this is the perfect opportunity to pay some much-needed attention to one of the most important marketing tools in your arsenal – your website. 
Bringing with it the very real possibility for improvement, especially where your site is concerned, the start of the year is a chance to revolutionise your online business by making changes that will help you increase your web traffic, convert more visitors to customers, and ultimately generate more revenue in 2017. 
Here, we lay out exactly how you can stick to your best-laid plans whilst maximising your online presence in the process: 
1. Lose The Weight 
It’s time to get in shape and cut down on excess – these means trimming your website content down to ensure that you’re providing your customers with the best user experience possible. Keep it concise and compelling – website visitors will soon lose interest if they are confronted with huge blocks of text that make it impossible for them to find the information they need quickly and easily. Similarly, make it simple for your customers to navigate your site, avoiding an overly complicated website design that detracts from usability and slows pages down. Less is more! 
2. Get Active 
Ready to see change? Get out there and start making a difference – promote your website through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in order to reach new audiences and boost your web traffic. An active presence on social media is a great way to encourage potential customers to visit your site, as well as keeping your existing customer base engaged and updated. Don’t stop there – it’s also important not to idle in regards to your website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). In the ever-changing world of search engine algorithms, you need to invest time and energy into keeping track of which keywords, page titles, and descriptions you should be using to maintain your ranking in search results. 
3. Learn Something New 
Looking to embrace a new skill, channel your creativity, and break the routine? Blogging is the answer. A fantastic way to attract visitors, demonstrate your expertise, and add fresh, quality content to your website, starting a blog can be extremely beneficial for your business. A hugely effective way of driving more traffic to your site, by regularly blogging you’ll be able to prove your credibility and also help more people to discover your brand, as the insightful and informative posts about your industry that you create will be able to be shared all over the web. 
4. Spend Less, Save More 
Take control of your finances this year with a website that really works for you. An essential tool when it comes to marketing your business online, a good site will pay for itself time and time again, and then some. Whilst you may have been led to believe that a “free” self-build site is the key to saving money, the truth is that you will often incur steep hidden costs for a low-grade website that performs poorly. Instead, make sure you opt for a first-rate web design service where necessities such as the domain name, hosting, support, updates, website edits and more are all included in the price. 
5. New Year, New Website 
Time for a complete overhaul? Reinvent your company’s online profile with a brand new website for 2017. Here at itseeze we specialise in professional, affordable, and fully responsive websites for small to medium sized businesses, and our expert team of web designers and developers are ready and waiting to create the perfect website for your company. In fact, we can help you take your web presence all the way this year, with our comprehensive website packages offering a cost-effective solution for all budgets, a fully integrated blog, powerful SEO tools, social media integration, easy content management, and so much more. 
Ready to achieve your website goals? Contact us today to find out more about what itseeze can do for your business. 
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