Dust Away your Digital Clutter
With so many people using digital devices throughout the day, it’s not uncommon for individuals to undergo a digital detox. As people are becoming more and more aware of the negative side of digital information, they are ‘cleaning up’ their online life. This could include deleting old acquaintances from social media apps or finally going through hundreds of unread emails. It could even mean updating online bios, sending out a new CV and downloading the latest entertainment apps. The advantages of a digital declutter are plentiful, but it’s not just individuals that can benefit. 

Why Getting Rid of Your Digital Clutter is Key 

The digital world is constantly evolving, which means that websites and social media platforms need regular updates. By dusting away the digital clutter, you have the chance to refresh and rejuvenate everything from your website to your social media presence. Otherwise, you run the risk of being left behind by other successful businesses in the same industry. 
Spring 2022 is the perfect time to carry out a digital declutter, as it’s a season of new starts and rebirth. It’s an effective way of improving your digital strategy, carrying out a website refresh and completing a social media spring clean. Plus, dusting away the digital clutter is the ideal time to see what your competitors are up to and implement new digital plans if necessary. This will give your business a new lease of life online. 

3 Ways You Can Digitally Declutter Your Business in Spring '22 

1. Competitor Clean Up 

Regardless of the type of business you have and the industry you are in, you are bound to have multiple competitors. Some of these competitors will be getting things right online, and some of them will be getting things very wrong. This is why it’s important to audit your competitors’ websites for design and functionality, to see what works and what doesn’t. 
Take the time to browse their websites and consider what is effective, impactful and memorable. At the same time, think about the design elements and functions that are holding them back in some way. You can use this information to improve your own website. If an aspect of website design or development is not working for a competitor, it’s unlikely to work for you too. 
With website development constantly evolving, it’s helpful to know what new tools and techniques other businesses in your industry are using. There might have been something you missed or overlooked, which is actually appealing to your target market in a big way. 

2. Deep Sweep Website Overhaul 

Regardless of how impressive your website is, there are always improvements to be made. This is because technology, website development, design trends and search engine algorithms are constantly changing. If you want your website to turn leads into revenue, you need to work consistently to ensure it’s up to date and relevant. This is where a deep sweep website overhaul comes in. 
As part of your digital decluttering, refresh your website content. This means removing any blogs that are out of date, updating any information that is now dated or incorrect, and adding new pages. For example, you might have a new service that needs to be mentioned or there may have been big industry news that you have failed to mention. Not only does fresh and relevant content engage readers, but it’s looked upon favourably for SEO purposes. 
It’s also worthwhile to introduce new functionalities to the website, something you may have skipped previously. Perhaps you could do with updating the eCommerce functionality, or maybe there is a newer way of handling online bookings. Adding a new function can go a long way towards impressing existing clients and enticing new ones. Plus, it puts you ahead of any competitors who have not yet given their website an overhaul. 

3. Add Some Social Sparkle 

If you know anything about social media marketing, you will know that it’s not enough to simply set up a social media account and hope for the best. Not only is this unlikely to get you noticed, but it significantly reduces the chances of clients - both existing and potential - wanting to interact with you. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are still the most popular social media platforms out there. So, make sure you are on as many of them as possible. Each one has its own set of features and tools, but they all provide a free opportunity for you and your clients to communicate and interact. So, why not take advantage of that? 
In order to maximise your social media impact in spring 2022, find the time to set up fully branded accounts on each platform. The branding ensures that returning customers feel at ease while scrolling through your page, and new customers know exactly who you are. This includes using your logo, branded colours and regularly used graphics to create a consistent theme. 
It’s also a good idea to spend a few moments each day going through social networks to see what's new in terms of trends, events, and hashtags. This is a fantastic technique to increase engagement because it allows you to interact with a large community. To improve the impact of your social media posts, use hashtags more creatively. Rather than using too many and overwhelming your audience, use between three and ten hashtags that are particular to your brand and the material you're sharing. 
Consider creating a TikTok account if you're searching for a new project this year. It has the most potential for growth because it is a relatively new platform. It's ideal for showing your company's individuality through short, inventive, aesthetically captivating videos. 
As you can see, there are several benefits that come with carrying out a digital declutter as a SME. Though there are many things that you can do as part of your digital detox - such as a social media spring clean and seeing what your competitors are up to - your website is the place to start. Get a free website health check today and find out how your online presence could be improved. 
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