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At itseeze, we continue to launch great new features and improvements to help you achieve more with your website. With so much going on, we understand that it’s not always easy to keep track of everything that’s changed – so here’s a handy recap of all the key things that we’ve introduced, improved, or increased recently. These additions help to make your website more convenient, more secure, and more effective – and all at no extra cost to you, as you benefit from all these enhancements and more as part of your monthly subscription. 

What’s new in the itseeze editor 

More options, more control 

Restoring previous page versions 

With the page history tool, you can roll back your website to a previous version, restoring it to how it was before certain edits were made. 

More space * 

We’ve increased your file upload limit from 0.5GB to 1GB and the image upload limit has changed from 0.5GB to 5000 images. 

Date picker ** 

Your customers can now quickly and conveniently book your services directly through a form on your website with the new date picker option. 

Linking forms to a thank you page * 

You can link any form on your website to a thank you page, making it easier to track website conversions within Google Analytics. 

Engage your visitors 

Tidio Chat * 

In a few clicks you can add the free live chat widget Tidio to your website, giving visitors the opportunity to contact you in real-time. 

Built-in blog * 

You can showcase your expertise regularly with the user-friendly, fully integrated blogging platform, with several new styling options recently introduced. 

Greater map functionality * 

Having upgraded to Mapbox, you’ve now got access to lots of new features to customise how the maps on your website look and function. 

Greater visual appeal 

More image styling 

It’s now possible to set background images** and add colour overlays to images, thereby giving you greater control over what people see when browsing your site. 

Stock image search 

Keep your website looking fresh and professional by searching for free stock images from Pixabay directly through your website. 

Improved multimedia component * 

This includes more options for how videos appear on your website, as well as introducing support for Spotify, Vimeo, SlideShare, and Screencast. 

What’s new in the itseeze shop 

More payment gateways - including Stripe 

Stripe offers a fully integrated solution – meaning your customers no longer have to leave your website to complete a payment. 

Product filtering now available 

You can now choose a number of filters for customers to use when browsing your shop, including product category, price, size, colour, and style. 

Wishlist feature added 

This allows your customers to keep track of items they may wish to purchase in the future. They can also share their wishlist with friends and family. 

Product sorting introduced 

Your customers can now change the order that products are displayed in, either by relevance, popularity, name, price, or newest arrival. 

More discounting options 

It is now possible to apply a wide range of discounts to products – enabling you to create multi-buy discounts that only apply to specific products. 

More control of delivery settings 

You can now specify exactly which postcodes are included and excluded, allowing you to establish different charges for different delivery regions. 

How we’ve improved security and reliability 

Introduced SSL certificates 

If your domain name is registered with us, then your website will have this certificate. This ensures any sensitive information sent through your website is encrypted. 

More secure hosting 

Our new servers have limited accessibility and are increasingly more resistant to the cyber-attacks which cause websites to be taken down unexpectedly. 

Increased website back-ups 

All of the files associated with your website are now backed up daily. 

Improved spam detection 

If your email account is provided through us, then you’ll be benefitting from continuous spam filter updates. 

How we’ve helped your website achieve GDPR compliance 

Updated privacy policy 

Your website privacy policy was updated to ensure that it complied with the new data regulations - this includes information about any third-party services. 

Confirmation component available to all 

Whatever your package, you can now add a tick box to a form that visitors must tick before they can submit their details. This is essential for capturing consent. 

Updated cookie policy 

The cookie policy on your website was updated to list the cookies in use on your site to ensure that it complied with the new data regulations. 

Data access permissions enabled 

If you have an it’seeze Shop website then your customers are able to see what data you hold on them and to delete it if they wish to.*** 

Updated cookie notice 

When visitors land on your website, they now have the option to either accept all cookies, or to opt in or out of non-essential cookies. 

Consent for blog comments 

In accordance with GDPR, visitors to your blog will now have to consent to having their name and comment published on your website before they submit their comment. 

How we’ve made it easier to access support 

Cameron, Support department 

Enhanced online support centre 

This now includes a search bar, a ‘new features’ section, helpful resources like the 'Website Launch Guide', and an archive of previous client newsletters. 

More how-to videos 

We’re always adding new and improved how-to videos to our online support centre and our YouTube channel

New ticketing system 

This enables you to submit any questions via the online support centre directly to our dedicated support team. You can also track the progress of your tickets. 

Live chat 

On several itseeze websites, you can now chat in real time with your local consultant - or directly with the technical support team at itseeze.com. 

Improved client newsletters 

Following your feedback, our monthly client newsletters are still packed with tips, but they are now simpler and more relevant in addressing your needs. 

More techies 

The technical support team at our national support hub has nearly doubled in recent years, so there’s always someone with the knowhow available to assist you. 
Naïs, Design department 

Increased advice and tips 

We’re frequently publishing informative, easy to follow blog posts to help you maximise your online marketing. 
Of course, these are just a few highlights to remind you of some of the great new features and enhancements we’ve introduced recently – there have been many more improvements along the way. 
Who knows what’s next for itseeze, but one thing’s for sure – we’ll always be working hard to improve your website and how we support you. 
Look out for more new features coming soon! 
*Option not available with an itseeze Lite website **Option not available on non-responsive websites ***Option not available for custom shops 
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