With the popularity of online shopping and the rise of social media, there has never been a better time to start an online business. Half of the battle is just pinning down what kind of business is right for you. 
Here are some ideas for those still figuring out how exactly to make money online, and some advice to match up your dream business plan with the website package that can make it a reality. 

1. Digital marketing and social media 

Engaging social media accounts are more crucial than ever for businesses to remain relevant and successful. The value of digital marketing cannot be stressed enough, but many major companies don’t have the time to manage their social media accounts as effectively as necessary. 
This is why many businesses would like people to manage the social media side for them, so if you have a comprehensive understanding of the different social platforms out there and know how to maximise engagement across each channel, this could be the opportunity for you.  
This can be done remotely from whatever location suits you, and can be anything from scheduling a tweet to writing a blog post – and you’ll just need a simple, effective website to market your services with. 

2. Blogging 

Ghost-writing for other people isn’t the only option: you can also create your own blog. This does not need to be business-orientated: it can be about anything you’re passionate about.  
Once you build up a following of regular readers, an advertising service can be linked to your blog, so you can earn money with every post.  
You won’t even need to amass a large following to start monetising your blog – adverts can be added at any time, but of course the more traffic you receive, the more chances you’ll have of people engaging with the adverts and helping you to earn revenue. 
If you are looking to create a blog to complement an existing business, our Max website package give you the option to include a built-in blog on your website. This is great for search engine optimisation, as posting new content will improve your Google rankings and encourage your website visitors to return. 

3. Video creation 

The YouTube platform is a hive for creativity, with top creators earning millions every year. You don’t even have to buy an expensive camera to get started; you just need a high-quality smartphone to begin a vlogging career. With an international audience, you can find the niche that your content style appeals to. 
A YouTube channel is also a way of drawing more people to your website, as your videos will encourage anyone interested in your products or services to find out more.  
Our Max website package accommodates this perfectly, with embedding options for all of the main video streaming services so that you can provide your visitors with video content alongside the relevant information about your business. 

4. Virtual assistance 

One thing you can be sure of in any business is that there will be a considerable amount of admin involved. Companies of all shapes and sizes are in need of help with administrative tasks, but many simply don’t have the resources to employ somebody full-time. This is where being a virtual assistant (VA) comes into play. 
If you’re naturally organised and adept at dealing with office admin, becoming an online personal assistant could be your ideal job. You’ll be able to help clients out by booking meetings, sending invoices, making calls, and answering emails, all from the comfort of your own home.  
A website that can grow with your business is ideal for any aspiring VA, as you’ll need lots of room to promote the ever-expanding number of services you’re able to offer clients as your online business develops. 

5. Consultancy 

Why not share your knowledge by becoming an online consultant? Whatever your area of expertise, if you have valuable skills and experience, you have the ability to consult on it. 
Whether you specialise in digital fields such as marketing or I.T., or can offer clients a much more niche consultancy service such as nutritional advice or life coaching, this is a great way to assist people in either their business or their day-to-day lives conveniently - and without ever having to meet face-to-face.  
All you’ll need is a professionally designed website that shows you’re a credible source for knowledge and advice, and your new consultancy business is sure to flourish. 

6. Ecommerce 

Many consumers are turning to the digital space for their shopping. As this becomes more popular, it is clearly beneficial to start marketing products online, even if your business has a physical store.  
Our Commerce website package has been designed with the demands of an online shop in mind, with unlimited products and payments as well as real-time progress reports so you can manage your shop’s performance. 

Establishing an online presence 

It’s important to build a professional online presence, even if your business already has an established reputation in the real world. To keep spending to a minimum for your first venture on the web, a simple but professional website is the first step.  
Our affordable website packages will provide you with everything you need, including a unique website design and our full support whenever required. 
If you’d like to put any of these business ideas into action with one of our website packages, get in touch with your local consultant today to learn more about our professional web design services
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