Earning a new customer’s trust online can feel like a near impossible task. And this is unsurprising: to many you’ll be just another unknown business in a world of data leaks, security hacks, and false advertising.  
You are without a cheerful shop front window on a busy high street or the promise of a busy store to assure the public of your credibility, so how do you prove yourself? 
Here are some tips on how to gain the trust of visitors to your website by making the online space work to your advantage: 

1. Introduce yourself 

Instead of hiding behind a logo, humanise your brand by setting space aside on your website to introduce yourself, perhaps with an ‘About Us’ page. You can include background information on why you started your company and the inspiration behind your products or service.  
Customers are far more likely to trust an individual they can relate to than an unfamiliar, faceless company, so establishing yourself as a friendly and approachable business owner will help you to build customer trust. 
To keep up this dialogue you can also create a FAQs page, which will allow you to personally address any common concerns and queries. 

2. Reviews/testimonials 

Sharing reviews and customer testimonials from an established review platform - such as Trustpilot - is one of the most effective ways to establish trust with your new customers.  
The reviews are proof for people considering your products or services that everything you are promising on your website is true. 
How you respond to criticism is a public display of your professionalism and the extent to which you care about your customers.  
This is why it is also important to respond to any negative comments you receive, as well as the positive. Handling these situations graciously will transform a potentially damaging situation into one that redeems your business as morally sound. 

3. Start blogging 

A blog can work wonders for your website and your business. It’s ideal for building trust as it shows potential customers – and existing customers too – that they can rely on you for useful information.  
Blogging also helps to establish you as an expert in your field, which will reassure new customers that they’re dealing with someone professional who really knows their industry inside out. 
To spark ideas, focus on a topic relevant to your industry that will interest your customers.  
Creating posts filled with helpful, creative content will bring more traffic to your website, and posting regularly will help to optimise your site for search engines like Google, making your business more visible in the search results. 

4. Professional web design 

First impressions are everything, which makes a professional, high-quality website essential.  
Low resolution images, spelling errors, and poor web design could damage your image as a trustworthy, credible source. 
A well-designed website that loads quickly and works flawlessly on all devices, from desktops to mobile phones, shows potential clients that you’ve invested in your business and take your brand image seriously.  
This suggests to your website visitors that they can trust you to deliver a professional service. 
If you are looking for a brilliantly designed website that will help you build trust in your business, we’d love to help.  
We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, designing user-friendly and effective websites for every industry. Each site we create is one of a kind, ensuring that every business we work with receives a unique online presence that highlights its credibility to potential new customers.  
Contact your local itseeze consultant today to learn more about our professional web design services. 
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