2017 was another action-packed year for the team at it'seeze, with lots of brilliant websites created for clients throughout the UK and Ireland, and plenty of fantastic product improvements made behind the scenes. 
We thought we’d take this opportunity to reflect on some of our biggest accomplishments from the last year – these include designing more sites in a year than ever before, receiving a 5-star overall rating on Trustpilot, and growing both our team of local consultants across the UK and our head office team
It was also a great 12 months for new developments, with a series of incredible updates and innovations made to help our customers do even more with their it'seeze websites – so looking back, here are a few of our most important milestones from 2017: 
SSL certificates began rolling out 
2017 was the year that we introduced SSL certificates as a standard feature for all it'seeze websites, with new customers benefitting from this increased security straight away. 
For our existing clients, a gradual roll out of the free SSL certificate is currently underway so that we can make every website as secure as possible in 2018. 
Having an SSL certificate is key as it offers reassurance to visitors that any sensitive information they enter into a website will be protected. It also serves as a Google ranking factor, so is important for achieving a better position in search results and standing out from the competition – we’re pleased to now be able to provide these benefits as part of every it'seeze website package. 
Tidio Chat became available 
Early in the year we announced that Tidio Chat – the live chat solution for communicating with your website visitors in real time – could be added to any it'seeze Max or Commerce website. 
A free widget, Tidio allows users to provide first-rate customer support by letting them respond instantly to queries and messages, making it possible to keep visitors on your site and increase sales and enquiries. 
Since we made it an available option, many clients are now using Tidio Chat on their websites to deliver immediate customer service. 
More Google integrations were introduced 
We’re always striving to add new features to our website editor that will be of maximum benefit to our customers, and 2017 was no exception. We listened to customer feedback and made it possible to integrate the Google Tag Manager with any it'seeze website. 
This is a useful feature for tracking visitor statistics, and makes it possible to determine the success of any online advertising campaigns. Likewise, we also enabled Google AdWords remarketing across all it'seeze sites, so clients are now able to target their online advertising campaigns at people who have already shown an interest in their products or services. 
We’re excited to see what future integrations are made possible on our websites this year, and as always we’ll be checking customer feedback throughout 2018 to learn what our clients would like to see more of. 
Online store functionality was improved 
Reflecting on our highlights of 2017, we’d be remiss not to mention the many developments we made to the it'seeze Commerce package – our ecommerce website solution. 
Throughout the year we added lots of new features and made many improvements to our online store offering, making the Commerce package more powerful, and greater value for money, than ever before. 
Amongst these new developments were a wishlist feature, a related products option, the addition of 2 new payment gateways – Authipay and Paymentsense - and complete redesigns of both the standard product page and the product search page. 
The it'seeze Support Site had a makeover 
Our Support Site offers clients 24/7 help and advice, and is a hub of website and marketing knowledge. Last year we decided to make it even better, and upgraded the site to make it all the more user-friendly, with added content and improved functionality. 
The Support Site now contains more help videos, how-to guides, and website support documents than ever before, as well as an entirely new section dedicated to helping new and existing customers maximise their online marketing efforts. 
A search bar has been added so that users can quickly find the answer to their query, and we’ve also included a new ticketing system that lets clients submit questions directly to our dedicated support team. 
Our social media branding service was launched 
Lastly, we also began providing a social media profile design service to ensure our clients could make a great first impression everywhere on the web – not just on their professionally designed websites. 
Customers can choose from a Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube design package – or a complete social media package containing all 3 – and our designers will then create high quality graphics for their profile that are designed to complement the look and feel of their it'seeze website. 
Since the launch of this service, we’ve helped many businesses to achieve consistent, professional branding across all their online platforms, and we’re looking forward to carrying this on throughout 2018. 
All in all, 2017 was a brilliant year for it'seeze, and we’re looking forward to seeing what big changes and exciting new projects 2018 has in store for us as we work hard to deliver the very best in web design and development for all our clients. 
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