Videos hosted on Vimeo can now be featured on any it’seeze Max, Commerce or Mobile website at no extra cost. 
Vimeo is a video sharing platform that was founded in 2004 and is widely used by professionals with over 25 million members and over 715 million video views. 
Until now it’seeze clients* have benefited from including videos streamed through YouTube and Dailymotion on their website. The Vimeo component adds another alternative for it’seeze clients to have videos on their website and capitalise on the many advantages associated with video inclusion, namely boosting their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Videos can be optimised for search engines and because they often engage people more than text, people spend longer on websites with videos which positively impacts a websites ranking. What’s more, featuring videos via Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion means there is no effect on the time it takes for pages to load because the video is streamed only once it starts to play. 
The introduction of videos streamed from Vimeo benefits both current* and new it’seeze clients*. New clients can simply request that Vimeo videos are included within their it’seeze Max, Mobile or Commerce website as part of their initial design, whereas other it’seeze clients can easily embed videos from Vimeo free of charge – click here to see how. 
*excluding those on it’seeze lite package