At it’seeze websites our team of techies at HQ are always looking for new ways (however big or small) to make the world’s easiest to use website editing system even easier to use. 
When in edit mode, it’seeze clients can now easily make changes to their site with a simple right click on the mouse. When right clicking on a component a custom content menu will appear. For most components the menu shows the basic edit actions but there are some useful additions, including: 
- when right-clicking on text, 'Select paragraph' and 'Select all' are shown 
- when right-clicking on a form field, 'Edit form' is shown in addition to 'Edit field', so you don't have to scroll up to the top of the form to change its settings. 
You will no longer have access to the copy menu item so you should use ‘Control’ and ‘C’ to copy text as this also allows you to paste formatted text. For more details see the help page